Software Summary Report UBC Civil Engineering - EERF

Project Description

This software was created to help organize and present research conducted at the Earthquake Engineering Research Facility.

Project Details

  • Organized video records from multiple tests, each with multiple video cameras.
  • Allowed a user to easily and quickly find a video record from a particular test and camera.
  • Allowed a user to view photos from any test.
  • Allowed the user to view a Project Report on the research being conducted.


  • Visual Basic 6
  • Adobe Premiere Elements

The Problem

Research being done involved multiple samples (usually walls or roofs) that would undergo different kinds of earthquake tests. Every test was filmed from multiple angles with video cameras placed around the room. This meant a single research project of 7 walls, with 5 tests completed on each wall, filmed from 6 angles, would produce 210 video files.

To complicate things further, one test may have the cameras set up around the room one way and the next will have them moved to a different location. If the end user wants to see the video of the front of the reinforced wall, tested at 50%, they will need to first look up what number wall that was. Then look up the test number. Then consult a map to figure out what camera was covering the front area for that test. Finally, they can navigate through the tree of folders to the needed video. For a different video, the awkward process must be repeated.

The Solution

To make viewing the videos from each test a less painstaking process, I was hired to develop the software to do most of the work: Select a wall and a list of names and descriptions of each test are displayed. Select a test, and the program now shows a picture of the camera positions around the wall (see example below). Simply click a camera view and the corresponding video will play. The whole process was easy and intuitive!

The Software would show you the setup from a test and you could click on a camera to view it's video.